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Apr 16

Serious Post Time. -



As most of you know by now, I was born with a condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. I also have what’s called Orthostatic Hypotension, which means my blood pressure drops dangerously low when I’m standing up, and I get dizzy and black out. And as…

Apr 15

Dear friends,

Please stop getting engaged/married/pregnant/having children. just depresses the hell outta me that I’m nowhere near that and will probably be forever alone.

Sincerely trying not to sound bitter,

Apr 12


Apr 08




Today I was at the gym. I was using the hand cycle and my wheelchair was parked right next to me. I caught someone taking a picture of me and talking to his friend about how inspirational I am for leaving my house.

Please tell me you forgot the part where you kicked their ignorant ass and broke their phone.

Wat. People actually do that still… Next time educate them and then kick their ass.

Apparently we’re like unicorns. Rare to spot one out and about.


merlin221bbakerstreet asked: I have CP. My name's Erin. If you want to be friends that would be great, it's okay if you don't want to though.

Hi Erin!

Of course! I always enjoy meeting new people. Feel free to message me anytime. You can also check out my other blog that’s non-disability related if you’d like :)


Apr 06

Be Calm

Gahhh. This is going on the 2nd week my neck and shoulder have been in pain. I don’t know if I have a pinched nerve or what?

The last week has been really stressful for reasons I can’t really blog about. So yesterday I went to do some retail therapy at the mall and everyone was nicer than usual. The guy at the bakery kept asking me if I needed any help reaching anything. Then the girl at Hot Topic (yes I know make fun of me) read every vinyl title for me because they were stacked on a high shelf. There was like 50 + vinyl. I told her she didn’t have to but she said she didn’t mind. I thought that was cool of her. Of course I ended up buying one because I would’ve felt really bad not buying anything after she did that for me. I got Blink 182’s “The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show,”

Then there’s puppies!! Whenever I’m super stressed or sad I like going to the pet store and seeing all the puppies. (I know Chelz, yell at me. I support shelters though). They had some of the puppies out to play with in a pen. I stood up holding on to my wheelchair so that I could pet them. Unfortunately my arms were too short and I couldn’t reach :( I watched as everyone else walked by and pet the puppies. Then one of the workers came over and picked up one of the puppies so I could pet. After a few minutes I got tired of standing and had to sit back down in my wheelchair. He then asked if I wanted to hold her? So I did and she was wagging her tail and giving me kisses while the worker and I talked about superheroes and dogs. He was really nice and it was nice of him to do that. Puppies make me happy.

I know I still need to post the pictures from my tattoo session on here, I’ve just been so stressed :/ Hopefully soon though.

So looking forward to my road trip in a couple weeks! Wish this pain would go away. If it’s not one thing it’s another….

Mar 30


my shoulders are so tense its so uncomfortable and i want it to stop cause it goes up in my neck too and stop

stop it body. stop. 

im gonna try and find the nailrug. might help

damn it i wish i had a personal massager masseus who just appears whenever i need them wouldnt that be absolutely brilliant

kinda like a genie but without being a trickster. 

Good plan. 

Same here! My shoulders and neck have been killing me for days and all I want us a massage :/


I had a dream last night involving a very detailed scientific explanation about how people who can’t walk are direct descendants of merpeople while people who can walk are direct descendants of primates. As in there are two different breeds of humans in the current world who came from aquatic ancestors and primate ancestors. So, hi. I’m a different breed of human than you. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Lol so that’s why my favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid!?

(via disabilityaware)

When Is It Okay to Say "Retard"? Check This Chart -


Flowchart that directs you to make a decision about when it is okay to say retard in almost any context. SO HANDY. Please use this. Put it in your wallet. Tattoo it on a special place. Do what you need to so that you can avoid using this and many other words. 


Mar 29